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Submitted by cdp-inc on May 1, 2012 - 10:00am

CDP at the 16th Annual Dexter + Chaney User ConferenceOn April 26 and 27, CDP attended Dexter + Chaney's 16th Annual User Conference in Seattle, Washington.  The conference provided a mix of education for DCI users, previews of the latest and greatest offerings by Dexter + Chaney, and lots of fun.  More than 350 people attended, representing over 175 construction companies.

The highlight of the conference was the introduction of Spectrum 14.  Spectrum 14 is the latest release and has a new, browser-based user interface.  Key features included:

  • Spectrum will now be accessible from any device that can support any of the popular browsers. 
  • The user interface is very intuitive, the info bar shows data and links that appear on the screen based on the content you are viewing, streamlining the process of finding information.
  • The new dashboard can be configured by each user to see the information that’s important to them.   

Other new and improved features include Grid Entry to allow faster data entry, unlimited job contacts, state of the art technology increase document transmission to view documents faster, and many more enhancements to improve your project financial controls.

Educational sessions were held throughout the day on Thursday and Friday, and a second highlight of the Conference was the introduction of Venture.  Venture is Dexter + Chaney’s new Bid Management and Collaboration solution.  Venture provides an automated solution for managing the bid process.  Venture is a collaborative platform for sharing and tracking project documents from design to construction and throughout operations.  With Venture, project teams can work on a common platform with the latest documentation, decreasing the time it takes for documents to cycle through their process, and insuring that the project team is working on the most recent and up-to-date documents.

There were 6 tracks to choose from which included Spectrum (Pro, Basic and Introduction to 14), Venture, Equipment Management, Information Technology solutions, and construction industry best practices.  

CDP looks forward to sharing more information about Spectrum 14 and Venture soon.  If you are interested in upgrading or trying Dexter + Chaney for the first time, please contact us.

CDP at the 16th Annual Dexter + Chaney User Conference CDP at the 16th Annual Dexter + Chaney User Conference CDP at the 16th Annual Dexter + Chaney User Conference CDP at the 16th Annual Dexter + Chaney User Conference

Photos courtesy of Dexter + Chaney’s 16th Annual Users’ Conference