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FieldConnect enables organizations to leverage the power of mobility in field management, to enhance customer and employee engagement, providing anytime, anywhere access to information and resources.

FieldConnect’s software integration with Spectrum allows field work entered to be entered into Spectrum anywhere, on any mobile device, without the need to install any software. Connect everyone—in the field and in the office—to one solution and streamline your entire operation.

The integration of Spectrum and FieldConnect creates a powerful solution that is able to track expenses, revenue, assets and liabilities incurred by a service-based organization. FieldConnect enhances internal controls, data integrity, and limits reconciliations because entries are only made to approved labor codes, problem codes, part numbers, projects, work orders, and purchase orders set-up within Spectrum.

With Spectrum controls in place, the FieldConnect integration updates the General Ledger so that you can generate Financial Statements when you want. You don’t have to question data integrity due to duplicate entry or complex and unreliable data transfers from third-party systems.

How Does FieldConnect Work?

With FieldConnect's FieldAccess mobile technician software, field technicians are able to access, update, and complete electronic work orders, getting their day's assignments without making a trip into the office.

With Time & Payroll solutions, technicians complete electronic time entries from the field which a supervisor can review and approve in real-time in Spectrum.

Because data is updated instantly, you expect faster time-to-invoice, error-free payroll, and improved cash flow.

FieldConnect Offline Mode

When there’s no connectivity at the work site, the FieldAccess offline mode allows technicians to operate in a disconnected state, and the information entered in offline mode will store and forward when connectivity resumes.

The offline mode features the same user interface with signature capture, time entry, notes entry, and parts entry available. If a technician is in offline line, a notification is provided to the dispatcher so that the dispatcher knows the technician will not be able to receive the latest information until they connect again.

FieldConnect Documentation

Whether it is Construction Field Reporting or Service Field Reporting, FieldConnect can deliver the required form to your mobile staff. This provides easy-to-use form-based data collection which looks and feels like the paper form, but now it’s on their tablet. Forms can be made mandatory and fields in the form may be made mandatory. Best of all forms can include check boxes, drop down lists and for open text the user can use “talk to text”.


FieldConnect Features

Increase Capacity

Increase service capacity without adding staff

Attach Files

Attach files and photos to service calls

Locate Technicians

Validate technician time-on-site with GPS

Use Any Device

Works with any mobile and desktop devices

Eliminate Paper

No more manual time cards

Easy To Use

Easy to learn and use for all employees

Use a Customer Portal

Online customer portal with easy support

Capture Signatures

Capture customer signatures onsite and online, instantly

Capture Everything

Simplify time and materials capture

Track Time

Track billable hours to the minute

Use Dashboards

Create custom dashboards for different roles

Save Money

Low up-front investment cloud solution

Analytics Dashboard

Capture the big picture perspective

Service Management

Ensure consistent service quality

Manage PM Contracts

Drive team accountability

Schedule and Dispatch

Deliver service frictionlessly

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