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Modern Construction Meets Evolving Trends

Significant demographic shifts are having a great impact on real estate today.

Demand for housing that meets the needs of millennials, baby boomers and everyone in between, a need for office space that serves a flexible workforce, and a call for retail and industrial/distribution facilities that keep pace with consumer demands, is re-shaping the work you do. We get that. That’s why we built a collaborative project management platform that seamlessly links all the experts you need to deliver modern construction that meets evolving trends. Scope, cost, time, quality, and objectives – our project management platform enables your team to manage it all and delight your most challenging customers.

New ways of working and new locations to work from, evolving technology and consumer demands, and supply chain transformation are just a few of the many trends impacting projects under development in the commercial real estate arena. In the face of continued change and growth, real estate leaders are in the process of reinventing themselves by deploying technology that enables them to gain a competitive advantage. Adopting a technology-driven approach to business operations that enables your organization to more effectively manage development projects can be a daunting challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

Kahua’s project management approach enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of a construction project from bid to build by creating a true network across the industry that enables teams to collaborate on building initiatives via a single platform.

Kahua’s cloud-based collaborative project management solution is helping corporations and their real estate management partners optimize the return on their capital investments.

The Kahua Network enables you to:

Control Costs

Life cycle costs are critical in the commercial real estate arena. Saving a small amount of money during construction may not be worthwhile if the result is a larger operating cost in the long run. The Kahua Network enables you to streamline scope, mitigate waste and deliver the highest performing assets at the lowest possible cost to ensure your project meets the long-term expectations of your toughest customers.

Streamline Communications

Corporate real estate capital projects can vary significantly in size and complexity, and often involve a range of contractors and specialists. This introduces additional challenges in the coordination and communication among resources. The Kahua Network gives you the visibility needed to detect problems early, track status, report in real time and hold all project participants accountable for results.

Adapt to Change

New ideas move to market faster than ever before. Real estate requirements can change on a dime. The Kahua Network delivers the flexibility you need throughout the entire construction lifecycle.

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