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CDP understands the importance of a project running according to plan.

In order to ensure that processes and projects run smoothly within your new environment, schedules must be created and maintained. CDP can assist in the process by developing schedules through custom templates. Once established, we can also assist with updating the schedule, often from a remote location. Finally, CDP can review and analyze your schedule for feasibility.

  • Schedule Template Development

    In order to maximize the use and efficiency of many of CDP's software tools, the development of Company specific templates is recommended. In the cases where your company does not have the resources or the time to build templates, we can build the needed templates from data provided by the Client. All templates are subject to review and final approval by the client.

  • Schedule Development with Client Participation

    In many cases where clients are new to project management, new to the software tools, or starting their first schedule, CDP can provide assistance in setting up your schedule.  We can also consult with more experienced project managers while developing a schedule, using their input and company experience to develop the best possible plan.

  • Schedule Updating Services

    CDP frequently provides our clients assistance with updating schedules.  Our hands on associates can provide remote schedule updates, weekly, monthly or on an as needed basis, based on input from the client.  We can also provide full-time Scheduling Services if needed.

  • Schedule Review and Analysis

    During the course of a project or implementation of scheduling software from Primavera, the need for a third party schedule or program analysis may be required.  CDP can provide assistance in determining whether the schedule in question has been adequately created and maintained.  We can then assist in making schedule changes based on the input and approval of the client.


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