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CDP understands the challenges of managing large investments in complex projects, with multiple organizations, dispersed teams and critical timelines.  With shifting priorities and the pressures of finding new sources of energy against the concerns of global warming and government regulations, successful management of projects is more important than ever.

With over 25 years of experience, CDP understands that better than anyone.  Through a consistent and proven implementation methodology, CDP helps customers effectively adopt and utilize new solutions that enable real-time strategic decision making.  Our hands-on approach quickly enables you to:

By augmenting staff and supporting client project needs with industry experienced project controls professionals, CDP and its partners configure systems that:

CDP solutions allow energy companies to evaluate project performance across nuclear, fossil, solar, wind, corporate infrastructure projects.

Partner Solutions for the Energy Industry


With over 50 apps in Kahua’s public kStore and over 100 private applications that have been developed by customers or certified Kahua Partners, Kahua is reinventing the way companies manage and collaborate on projects by providing a solution that solves the major problems associated with legacy document management and project team collaboration solutions.

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Phoenix Project Manager

There is more pressure than ever to keep plants running and limit costly outages. Organizations are placing more focus on maximizing up-time while reducing overall project costs. Having a better plan is more important than ever. Phoenix Project Manager is ideal for helping Energy and Utility companies to develop more cost effective plans, and assist in executing the plan to reduce plant shutdowns and maximize up-time.

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Oracle Primavera

More than 250 leading energy providers use Oracle's Primavera solutions to ensure that they choose their projects wisely and that those projects run smoothly—with all of the information users need at their fingertips.

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Hard Dollar

In the face of multiple industry challenges including predictability, mandatory completion dates, maintaining ongoing skilled labor, deregulation, consolidation, increased competition, price pressures, and pursuit of renewable energy sources, Hard Dollar meets the capital planning and project control needs of energy and utility companies.

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