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Oracle Primavera P6

In the latest Oracle Primavera P6 release (19.12), the P6 web pages have been setup to follow an Oracle Primavera standard. This standard is to save the column widths and grouping theme to the user viewing the page. This applies to any Primavera web-based application so they all work the same way. In the past, you were able to save the column width and grouping theme as part of the P6 page view. With the new standard, each user can adjust the column width or grouping theme to be what they prefer. This formatting is dependent on browser functionality in Chrome and Edge Chromium. When a user in P6 adjusts the column width or changes the grouping theme, the user needs to stay on the page for 15-20 seconds. After that period of time, the change has been saved in the background. When the user returns to the page and view, they will see the changes they last made.

If you are working with P6 R19.12 and having issues with views, we recommend installing the latest patch. There were some bugs that were fixed in patches released in October and November, and the R19.12.12 patch was released on December 18, 2020.

If you are on a release before 19.12.10 and are making a change to the grouping theme, you will need to change the theme, close customize view, make a change to one or more column widths, and then wait 15-20 seconds. To save a grouping theme in a version prior to release 19.12.10, you need to couple it with a column width change. The 19.12.10 patch should have a fix where you can save the grouping theme alone and not couple it with a column width change. There is a bug fixed in 19.12.11 for the save view button showing too many times. For this issue, you can make a change in customize view and select to save and close customize view. You then see the save view button on the page but you just selected to save.

If you are working in P6 R19.12, it is recommended to use Chrome. While the new Edge Chromium browser is not a tested configuration, it is so close to Chrome that we can also recommend Edge in addition to Chrome. We have been using Edge Chromium with P6 19.12 since July and haven’t had any issues. Following is a table copied from the tested configurations.