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ViewpointOne is Now Trimble Construction One

Improving how you plan, do, and manage projects by connecting construction.

Trimble Construction One (formerly ViewpointOne) connects planning, doing, and managing of construction projects to get the right information at the right time for the right decisions with a purpose-built Connected Construction Management platform.

Trimble Construction One offers role-based access to consistent, real-time information from across your organization, from the office to the field. One connected foundation for estimating, contracting, fulfillment, billing and accounting, maintenance ... and service after the project is complete.

How Does Trimble Construction One Help You?

Construction Accounting Software

As a construction accounting professional, you have to be process-oriented! You need a centralized ERP, a system to capture costs coded to jobs labor, equipment, materials, production — plus automated payroll, AP/AR and P.O. processes.

Software for Construction Project Managers

You have one job: To keep projects moving forward. Successful project and operations managers must track resources, costs, progress, safety ... and so many other moving parts.

Managing Construction Human Resources

You’re fielding HR and payroll questions, onboarding, tracking certifications ... all while managing daily and weekly overtime and worker comp codes. (Plus wage calculations, if you work in multiple states!)

A Foundation for Predictable Growth

You ensure healthy, sustainable growth for your company. To do that, you need real-time information from different parts of your organization, fast — plus accurate, relevant reporting — to make strategic decisions and produce predictable profit.

Construction Financial Software

As a CFO, director of finance, or controller who’s responsible for the company’s financials, you want consistency and standardized processes. You need to bid, job-cost, and create accurate financial forecasts with up-to-date information. You need a high-level view of revenue and performance...with the ability to drill down.

Software with Built-in Security and User Controls

If your role just rapidly expanded, and you’re feeling the pressure to modernize … you just might work in IT. You need good data integrity, cybersecurity and data security best practices, and automatic backup — just to stay one step ahead of the game.

Software to Support Construction Field Management

It all comes together on the jobsite, and it can all fall apart on the jobsite. You need real-time data from the jobsite, reporting back to the head office — and you need mobile access.

Construction Service Management Software

Service contracts are the backbone of your business — especially if you rely on regular maintenance and service call work to keep cash rolling in when building work is slow.

Equipment Management Software

The cost of fleet equipment impacts a company’s bottom line. Between tracking equipment, scheduling preventative maintenance, and tracking depreciation, you need to be a machine to take care of the machines!

Purpose-built Estimating Software

To create accurate, winning bids, you need up-to-date information, workflows with reliable version control, and current materials and labor prices. Historical project data doesn’t hurt, either.

Construction Software to Help Manage Your Projects, Processes and People


Integrate common workflows to understand current project health, productivity and profits with the Trimble Viewpoint construction management suite.


From payroll to change orders to invoicing, Trimble Construction One helps you manage costs, get paid and stay profitable.


Complete projects on time and under budget. From document management to sharing job status faster, integrated construction project management software has you covered.


Grow the part of your business that isn't seasonal. Stabilize cash flow, enable techs and serve customers better with a streamlined mobile service management solution


Connect hiring, on-boarding and certification management with expense management, payroll and PTO.


Know where every project is with one glance. Enhance decision making and stay profitable with data from detailed construction reporting.

Spectrum Construction Management Software

Spectrum® is a complete, web-based construction ERP solution with leading-edge tools for accounting, project management, equipment and materials management, service management, document control, HR and payroll, inventory, reporting, and more. Spectrum allows contractors to work in real time, no matter where work takes them.


Vista Construction Software

Vista, a fully-integrated comprehensive construction accounting suite, helps contractors manage all areas of business — from the Office, among the Team and in the Field. Vista features leading-edge solutions for accounting, project management, business intelligence, collaboration, estimating, document management, service management and more.


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How Trimble Construction One Enables Construction Professionals to Work Smarter

Construction is hard, but it can be a little easier. Learn more about how construction professionals can work smarter, not harder with a modern connected solution: Trimble Construction One (formerly ViewpointOne).

What is the benefit of Construction One?

Trimble Construction One (formerly ViewpointOne) closes the gap that exists in many construction organizations that is specific to people, processes and projects. These web and mobile enabled applications solve common challenges that contractors face in various areas—from accounting, job cost, data analytics to project management and human resources—by connecting workflows and the field with the back office all in real-time.

This allows you to recognize errors and challenges early in the construction process, fix them, and drive project delivery and ultimately, profit margins.

Trimble Construction One is not a replacement for other Trimble (formerly Viewpoint) products and services. 

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