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Are you manually collecting new employee paperwork?

Is your onboarding process workflow efficient and consistent?

Do new employees need to fill out, scan, or deliver their onboarding in person?

Spectrum HR Management allows you to put the paperwork behind and utilize secure mobile and web technology to digitize the process in a repeatable and reliable process. New hires put their information in once and it flows into HR, reducing the dreaded double entry, scanning, and mounds of hard documents.

Spectrum's flexible HR Management automates onboarding for various jobs and tasks, and provides the ability to review and manage progress. Automating the onboarding process will reduce administrative costs due to inefficiency, increase reliability and accuracy, and consistently assure legal compliance.

See how Spectrum can eliminate redundant and inefficient activities:

Spectrum's HR Management Onboarding is a new feature added to the Viewpoint Spectrum Job Cost Accounting Software solution. Spectrum is a Web Based Construction ERP platform that is a single solution meeting all of the construction industry needs. The Onboarding feature is an example of Viewpoint's commitment to helping Construction and Service companies improve their efficiencies, save time, and focus on building.


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