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Oracle’s Primavera Real Estate Management provides tools for planning, tracking, and managing your real estate portfolio, including leased and owned properties. From transaction management processes such as site selection and acquisition to property disposition, Primavera Real Estate Management offers a comprehensive and flexible solution that can adapt to changing rules and compliance requirements and optimize strategic decision-making.

Primavera Real Estate Management provides comprehensive tools for planning, tracking, and managing your real estate portfolio. Make strategic decisions effectively and accurately for leased and owned properties. Rules and compliance requirements are kept up to date for easy lease management. Primavera Real Estate Management is part of the integrated Primavera Unifier offering.

World-Class Real Estate Management

Primavera Real Estate Management offers a comprehensive set of flexible and configurable lease management capabilities. In addition to supporting both tenant and landlord lease types, Primavera Real Estate Management addresses lease payment terms, contacts, key dates, clauses, tenant improvement allowances, security deposits, and more. It also supports the automatic creation and routing of lease payments and dynamic task assignments with notifications. Users can track costs and expenses, associate lease payments with designated cost codes, and roll them up to the facility’s cost worksheet. In addition, lease payments can be allocated to different parties, departments, and so on. And whether the payments are an expense (tenant lease) or income (landlord lease), the system allows you to track these amounts separately.

Primavera Real Estate Management also provides the information required to track critical lease information for reporting against federal guidelines and regulations including future obligation statements and deferred rent liabilities. And like all Primavera Unifier products, Primavera Real Estate Management uses predefined processes with common elements and basic workflows; however, users can also configure it to accommodate their own practices and processes.

Primavera Real Estate Management supports a variety of common real estate transaction types such as site selection and acquisition, dispositions, new lease initiation, subleasing and lease termination, and more. Flexible workflows are used to manage the scope, tasks, and deadlines associated with each transaction. As a result, users can route, review, and approve transactions and track and manage every step of the transaction process. Transaction projects can be created for complex real estate transactions such as new site selection and acquisition or disposition. Scope, schedules, costs, documents, and related due diligence processes (including candidate sites and site comparisons) can all be managed in these transaction projects. And like all Primavera Unifier solutions, Primavera Real Estate Management provides task reminders, notifications, document management, messaging, and reporting.

Whether your portfolio consists of a single site with multiple buildings or hundreds of sites all over the world with thousands of buildings and structures, you need a portfolio management solution that represents your current portfolio structure so that you can plan and manage its performance and total cost of ownership.

The portfolio management capabilities within Primavera Unifier provide a flexible solution for planning, organizing, managing, and tracking the performance of your portfolio against strategic business objectives. Organize your facilities, properties, and buildings by any hierarchy that supports your real estate portfolio. Whether you organize your properties by geography or by any other hierarchy, with Primavera Real Estate Management you always have access to dashboards, providing real-time portfolio data at any level.

With Primavera Real Estate Management, you get a single integrated real estate and facility lifecycle management solution that lets you view, compare, and report on any information for a single property or across your entire real estate portfolio—all in real time. Providing automation, flexibility, and the power to handle customer-specific real estate management needs, Primavera Real Estate Management delivers a Web-based solution with an intuitive graphical interface to real estate professionals.