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Hard Dollar Estimating and Project Cost Management is now InEight Estimating and Project Cost Management.

It is a powerful platform that integrates estimating, scheduling, and reporting into a single system, and helps track actual costs for total project confidence in cost estimating, productivity management and earned value.

The InEight Estimating (Hard Dollar) solution is a full-service Project Cost Management suite that will help you create more accurate and timely project estimates, increase your forecasting accuracy and improve the anticipated project ROI.

Estimating and Project Cost Management

InEight’s construction project cost management software was designed for the construction industry, by construction professionals. With industry-leading features optimized for construction cost estimating and construction budget management, your teams have complete control of construction cost management. InEight Estimate and InEight Control provide project-centric organizations a complete solution for construction estimates, construction bidding software and budgeting and forecasting software, for delivering projects on time and on budget.

  • Cost Estimating

  • Quote Management

  • Forecasting

  • Earned Value Management

  • Benchmark-Driven Estimating

  • Construction Budgeting

Increase amount of work estimated by current staff

Improve your win rate

Reduce estimate and control budget gap


Streamline the construction estimating process by creating benchmarked estimates and bid proposals.

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Know your project’s status with real-time forecasting based on actuals received from the field.
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Benefits of InEight Estimating (Hard Dollar)

Tap into real-time visibility of actual project facts and figures with HD. Front-line employees can now accurately estimate, manage and accumulate critical performance history to deliver successful projects. Organizations use HD to:

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