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Gain visibility into real-time construction budget and forecast scenarios for complete control of your project.

Get a more accurate picture of your project’s health based on actuals received from the field and/or your financial system. Create a construction budget directly from your estimates and accurately forecast remaining work based on a variety of real-world methods.

Rely on InEight Control to identify areas for immediate corrective action to stay on time and on budget with complete control of your project performance.

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Keep Your Construction Project On-Time and On-Budget

Immediate Insights

Automate the tracking of Earned Value Management based on actuals, providing a live percent complete status of your projects.

Mitigate Delays

Access real-time construction budget and performance data to stay ahead of project delays and mitigate cost overruns.

Compare Costs

Compare actual costs and man-hours incurred as the work happens; instantly identifying project areas at risk.

Live Forecasting

Identify trends using live forecasts to make critical adjustments earlier in project execution.

Daily Quantity Reporting

Automatically see percent complete and updated forecasts based on daily quantity reporting.

Real-Time Billing

Gt real-time visibility of progress and productivity in the field to facilitate more timely billing.


Leverage Historical Data

Use historical data to learn from past results and update benchmarks for future estimates.

Complete Visibility

Gain a 360-degree view into the financial health of a project’s budget

Complete Control of Your Project

InEight’s project controls software helps you gain visibility into real-time construction budget and forecast scenarios for complete control of your project.


Construction Budgeting

Maintain multiple versions of your construction budget based on trends and change status. Automatically update budgets based on approved changes.


Create and compare forecasts for remaining work based on real-world forecasting technique.

Earned Value Management

Identify trends requiring corrective measures within a single project, across groups of projects, or across all of your organization’s projects.

Workflow and Routing

Collaborate with project team members by acting on notifications and reviewing detailed audit logs. Track all changes made, who made them and when they were made.

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