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Improve Decision-Making in Project Portfolio Management

Primavera Portfolio Management, a proven software solution to propose, plan, control and strategically analyze your investment portfolios.

Oracle's Primavera Portfolio Management is the leading portfolio management software solution, providing unmatched flexibility and infrastructure for enterprise portfolio management. With its unique functionality, real-world enterprise scalability, and unlimited configurability, Primavera Portfolio Management is ideal for managing just about any type of portfolio from ideation through execution. Powerful security features and a clean user interface make it the perfect solution for collaboration among all stakeholders in the organization.

A Proven Solution for Planning and Controlling Investments

Primavera Portfolio Management allows you to collaboratively create automated workflow and approval processes that support your ability to propose, plan, and control your project portfolios. The highly configurable solution can be adapted to meet specific process requirements.

With Primavera Portfolio Management, you can:


Key Benefits

  • Visibility and control to align initiatives to strategy and rapidly adjust to changes

  • Improved productivity and performance—eliminate nonstrategic or redundant investments

  • Deeper understanding of portfolio health and actual ROI of initiatives

Primavera Portfolio Management Product Features

Primavera Portfolio Management solution further strengthens portfolio decision-making with three key components:

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