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Every organization at one time or another has had the vision of the all in one solution, the one system that can do everything and is built on a single data repository.  Reality and experience has proven to us that this does not exist for many reasons.

However, integration of a few primary systems built on a common platform such as MS SQL or Oracle can provide organizations what they are looking for: fewer systems to support, elimination of duplicate data entry, higher data integrity, and access to the right data at the right time.  CDP is experienced in using SDKs, APIs, Web Services and many other forms of development to ensure your most critical systems are always in sync.

In situations where you find certain data may not be collected effectively or cost efficiently in one of your primary systems,  CDP has the ability to build custom applications using the latest technologies to insure these data sources are captured and integrated back into the primary systems of choice. 

CDP uses its Needs Assessment process to capture the business requirements and provide clients with the scope of work on all Integration and Custom Development projects.


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