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Wouldn’t It Be Nice if Timesheets Were Just Easy?

Collect hours worked for individuals or crews directly from their devices, apply cost codes, and allocate Regular, Double Time, and Overtime. Seamlessly increase your accuracy and efficiency in payroll and eliminate costly invoicing errors by directly connecting Traqspera with your Spectrum® system.

Collect Time Directly From Your Team 3 Easy Foolproof Ways

Connect field crews & office staff within one easy-to-use system. Jobs, phase codes, employee timesheets, and equipment all sync between Traqspera and your Spectrum or Vista® system.

Crew Timesheets

Managers and supervisors can enter the time entries for up to 10 workers.

From Any Device
Single Employee Timesheets

Have each worker enter their job or task, area, hours, and comments for approval.

Time Clock

Have your crew sign-in and sign-out in one space using individual pin numbers as identification and know exactly who is on-site at all times.


Have employees simply record their hours, equipment usage, units, and expenses through a phone, laptop, or tablet right on the job site. These entries then get approved and exported into Spectrum® with just a few clicks, eliminating the errors, tedious double-entry, and countless headaches that come with managing papers and spreadsheets. Timesheets are fully customizable to include all field capture requirements while remaining simple and easy to use—whether your 21 or 61.

Traqspera works alongside Spectrum® to connect your teams with the critical information, reports, and tools they need to run your projects at the highest efficiency—from anywhere and on any device. Stop wasting time and money on spreadsheets, paper, and emails that leave your company one step behind.

Discover how Traqspera can save you time, money, and headaches. Contact us, and let us get your business on Traq.

Easily collect, approve and sync your timesheets with Spectrum®

Step 1:

Collect Timesheets

Step 2:

Approve Hours & Expenses

Step 3:

Sync with Payroll

Simple, Comprehensive Timesheets that do it all


Union & Wage Codes

Rate Levels

Department Time

Indirect/Shop Time

Signatures & Attestation

Per Diem/LOA


PTO/Vacation/Sick Days

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Everything You Need To Get Your Work Done

Collect equipment, project progress, and material data straight from the source to increase your accuracy and efficiency in payroll and eliminate costly invoicing errors. Make it easier for the office to track and predict your labor costs as your projects happen in real-time.