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CDP provides project management solutions for the construction industry.

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    We have done more than simply put Spectrum in the cloud—it is designed specifically for the cloud, providing an interface that allows you to work from just about any connected device, anywhere and anytime, by simply launching a web browser. Spectrum delivers the convenience of true cloud computing. Spectrum users enjoy this convenience without sacrificing control. You own the software license, you manage access and security and you choose how to implement the software. Choose to host Spectrum yourself or take advantage of the enterprise-class, secure hosting services we provide—where your software runs on hardware dedicated to your company.

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    Work from virtually anywhere, on any device, just by launching a web browser. And connect your entire company to the benefits of Spectrum. Everyone, not just licensed users, can access the Spectrum dashboard, giving them a customized view of tasks and data relevant to their work and access to company-wide applications including time entry, field operations, vendor management, and more.

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    All Spectrum applications communicate with each other, virtually eliminating any double-entry and ensuring that the most up-to-date and complete information is available to you regardless of the task you are performing.

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    Spectrum is one unified system designed and produced in-house by Dexter + Chaney. It is not an amalgam of different software applications sewn together. All applications are designed by one development team to work together–this integration is built into the design, not done after the fact. And among software developers (across all industries), Dexter + Chaney consistently ranks among the highest in R&D investment, typically exceeding 20 percent of top-line revenue.

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    Productivity Tools:
    Spectrum Workflow is a powerful feature present throughout the system that helps you design the flow of information, streamline communications, and automate and control key tasks that occur across your organization.

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    Dexter + Chaney has been doing one thing for 35 years–providing software to the construction industry. We are one of the largest software providers with thousands of clients using Spectrum every day to run all aspects of their business. Despite our growth over the years, we’ve remained committed to the way we’ve always done business. We focus on continuous improvement of our product based on the needs of our clients. Our support and services go beyond technical troubleshooting—we provide the consulting, training, and individual attention that help our clients improve their businesses. And we treat every new client as a client for life. We never charge active clients for new software versions, even when we move to new technology platforms. Buy Spectrum once and you own it for life and you play an active role in its continuous development.

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    With Spectrum, there are no complex menus to master and memorize. Start from the interactive Spectrum Dashboard that you customize to fit your needs, and dive into detailed information and the work you need to get done. As you work, a responsive InfoBar is always present, giving you one-click access to tasks and data related to what you are doing.

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    Spectrum can be run on virtually any device. Office staff can work across multiple monitors at their desks while project managers can access complete project information in the field on their tablets. Spectrum also features a number of mobile apps built for field use on smart phones that synchronize with your Spectrum system. These apps provide fast and easy data entry and access to information, and users can simply download them from a mobile app store to their devices.

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    Business Intelligence:
    Spectrum goes beyond simple report generation. Key operational and financial data are presented throughout the system to provide at-a-glance overviews of the projects, operations, and financial performance. Then Spectrum takes BI further by delivering Active Business Intelligence – letting you set alerts and control the flow of communication and tasks across your organization.

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    Services and Support:
    More than one-third of Dexter + Chaney employees are part of our customer service and support teams. All support is provided by full-time, Seattle-based employees, the vast majority of whom, in addition to being experts in Spectrum software, are accounts and/or have construction industry experience. Support call wait times are less than one minute, and Dexter + Chaney provides the ability for customers to track their support incidents online.

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    Collaboration Tools:
    Because few construction projects are completed by a single company, Spectrum offers an array of collaboration tools that help complete project teams communicate and work better together. Key among these is the Project Management Plan Room where project documents and communications can be shared, modified while maintaining security, change tracking, and an audit trail. Free access for subcontractors and vendors through a simple web-based interface means that project teams will actually use this the product. Deployed along with the Spectrum Project Plan Room tablet app for field access to plans and specs, customers have a powerful way to put the most up-to-date project information into the hands of everyone who needs it.

CDP provides project management solutions for the construction industry.


Gain complete construction management with Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum® Construction Software

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