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Do you always use the XER file to import/export projects? Have you noticed global calendars listed that you did not create? Attend this webinar to learn the functionality differences between the XER and XML file formats. You'll learn why to use one format over the other to export and import data out of or into P6.

  1. What is XER
  2. What Is XML
  3. What information do you get from each file format, XML and XER
  4. How to control global data
  5. Where to find more information

Please join us for this brief but information packed webinar to learn about XML and XER files for P6 data exchange.

CDP Senior Consultant, Elizabeth May has over 17 years industry experience including Construction Project Management, Project Management Software Training, and implementing Project Controls solutions. She has helped many companies improve their use of Project Management Software Solutions. Elizabeth is well versed in many Project Management software packages.

Watch the Webinar

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