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Accurately Estimating Cost, Resources, Time & Earned Value

Meeting multiple industry challenges including predictability, mandatory completion dates, maintaining ongoing skilled labor, as well as other specific industry related issues creates added demands in achieving expected results. Successfully delivering a complex project between contractors and owners requires a new level of interoperability, collaboration and information sharing, facilitated with Hard Dollar oil and gas software.

Addressing Key Project Management Issues

Variation Controls

The value of estimating a project with the granularity and control that Hard Dollar offers can only exist with an accompanying watertight variation control system. Hard Dollar's complete audit trail incorporates fail-safe variation control. The scope of work cannot change without logging the variation and that variation's commercial status.

Centralize Multiple Estimating Systems

Over time oil and gas organizations are likely to have a host of estimating “systems” – including disparate excel spreadsheets. These external spreadsheets can be incorporated inside Hard Dollar, and converted to native Hard Dollar norm based estimating if required. One estimating database as a result with ANY number of “systems” inside of it – central control over unique environments.

Time Recording

Capturing expended AND achieved time in a crew or individual basis with any data capture device is just one of the attributes of a time recording system that is exactly what any project controls team needs. Hard Dollar easily incorporates existing time control systems. 

Hard Dollar's modular design means you might chose to utilize only the functions you do not already have.  With a time recording system in place by most organizations, Hard Dollar provides the additional much needed functionality.

Cost and Value

Both owners and contractors execute projects to make money, not just spend it. Hard Dollar is designed to understand cost and value. Every resource in Hard Dollar has a cost and a value, and the value can have a different time basis than the cost. 


Financial System Interoperability

Standard integration to over 35 ERP systems eliminates duplicate data entry and tracking while maintaining integrity between operations and financial management. Detailed labor and productivity tracking of crafts and materials provide operations with the flexibility and capabilities required to meet advanced earned value reporting, resource utilization and planned activity predictability.

Scheduling Communication

Leverage the industry’s most advanced bi-directional, real-time integration with scheduling systems from Primavera® and Microsoft® Project to provide the ultimate flexibility to plan and meet owner mandated cash schedules. Detailed historical crew and labor production databases make planning work and resources to fit within scheduled plant down times a simple process.

5D-BIM Server Power

Extensive Building Information Model (BIM) integration streamlines data management and handling from the CAD design process to ERP systems providing unprecedented labor savings, faster estimating turnarounds and easy to use flexible reporting. Producing conceptual to detailed productivity based estimates, bidding and tender processing, generating integrated cost and resource loaded schedules, automated timesheet collection, crew productivity and tracking are maintained in one integrated system.

Schedule/Cost Integration

The oil and gas industry's early adoption of computerized project controls has led many down a path that cannot properly integrate cost and schedule. Hard Dollar’s dynamic schedule/cost integration enables a generational break from legacy systems which inhibit the integration of data and create a single environment that controls cost, time and resource.