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Oracle Primavera Team Member

This relates to Team Member Phone/Tablet Application Version 16.1.6

This issue has been confirmed as a defect and is being tracked via Bug 27383879 - COUNT OF UNSAVED CHANGES NOT WORKING WHILE INITIAL DATA LOAD IS IN PROGRESS.

It has been requested that a fix for this defect be considered for inclusion in a Patch Set for your product version as soon as possible. Please note, this defect will need to go through a review process for prioritization against other defects to determine in which Patch Set the fix can be included. The contents of patch sets may change up until the date of release due to factors of prioritization and impact of risk to making code changes.

For information on the latest Patch Set available for your release, please visit My Oracle Support, in the Knowledge section, and search on "Latest patch set (product and version)".

A Note on release timing:

The precise timing of each release is subject to change, based on multiple factors that can contract or extend the duration of the development cycle. No release date can be confirmed until it has been made available for download.

Work Around

In the meantime, the Bug notes that the issue happens when the initial data load is in progress. You can see this via "Updating" in the left pane below Logout. If you wait until that status changes, you should be able have changes recognized.