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Easy Financial Reporting for Viewpoint

Spreadsheet Server can help your organization save time and get a clearer view of your business data with:

Need More Flexible, Less Technical Reporting and Analysis Tools for Viewpoint Vista or Spectrum?

Analysis of Financial Data is Slow and Laborious

The lack of a flexible drill-down capability from financial reports into live transactional data slows down key financial processes, such as investigating an issue with a trial balance, validating adjustment entries, or reconciling discrepancies in account balances.

Manual Report Processes are Consuming Too Many Resources

Manually exporting data from Viewpoint into Excel for reporting and analysis against financial and job cost data is inefficient and prone to errors, which takes up a lot of time and energy from high-value resources every month.

Non-Technical Users Depend on IT for Data Access

Viewpoint is built to collect data, not necessarily to report on them. When your everyday users don’t understand SQL, you have to rely on experienced developers to create custom reports or make any modifications.

Create Live, Drillable Financial Reports Inside Excel

Work in an environment you’re already familiar with—: Microsoft Excel. Pull real-time balances for income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows. Create ad- hoc inquiries against GL, Job Cost, and any other Viewpoint module without relying on IT or needing technical knowledge. Choose from a library of pre-built content to get started or create a custom report in minutes.

Investigate Reconciliation and Integrity Issues, Fast

Drill down to view balances based on your GL account structure. Breakdown by your account segments (e.g., company, natural account, cost center, and position). Then drill down through journal entries and into sub-ledger transactions (e.g., to see AR and AP details) to quickly find and fix account reconciliation and data integrity issues.

Take Control of Your Costs

Use custom AP and AR aging reports to help stay on top of cash flow. View Job Cost reports to see a breakdown of costs and hours by client, project, job manager, etc., so you can track and measure performance. Mix and match data from any Viewpoint table and combine with information from other systems within one report.

Share Critical Information with Stakeholders

Schedule and automate the distribution of reports to job managers, cost center managers, and others across your organization. Distribute information by email or web. Enable remote users who need to view details while they’re on site to view information on their mobile devices, – even when they are offline.

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