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True collaboration realized for everyone that plays a role in your construction projects.

Viewpoint Team™ is a cloud-based solution to enhance construction collaboration, connecting the back office and field operations with your extended team of subcontractors, suppliers, architects, owners and more, right out of the box.

Why Choose Viewpoint Team?

Interconnected processes

Operations and accounting seamlessly integrated with project management.

Improved collaboration

Communicate, share data and make decisions in real time across the extended project team.

Better projects

Deliver more profitable projects on time and on schedule.

Address issues

Capture, monitor and mitigate project risk. Observations that might carry general risk can be logged as issues and assigned to team members. Issues are tracked until they’re either closed out or evolve into an RFI or change order.

Construction document access

For organizing, sharing and collaborating on project documents from anywhere, anytime. Replaces your network drive or cloud storage solution.

Simplify submittals

Simplify the arduous submittal process. Secure and collaborative workflows for issuing, reviewing and closing out submittals to keep projects on schedule and ensure they’re constructed to plan and spec.

Daily logs

Capture jobsite details and benefit from powerful web and mobile management and tracking capabilities to ensure a complete record in the event of dispute or litigation.

Viewpoint financial controls

Welcome to Vista, on a mobile device, configured out-of-the-box and ready-to-go. Real-time collaboration between the accounting and operations teams, fewer manual processes and accelerated workflow without having to sync or deal with the hidden expense, hassle and data mapping issues common with third party integrations.

Viewpoint Team is the solution that Project Managers have been waiting to use. It’s a powerful core toolset for planning, coordinating and exercising tight control over projects.

Viewpoint Team’s out-of-the-box integration with Vista, Viewpoint’s ERP, synchronizes data and workflows for the office, team and field to form a powerful, comprehensive software solution.

Success Stories

Case Study: How Leander Construction Transformed Their Project Management

Leander sought to replace manual processes, a non-construction cloud storage solution, and email as the medium of document exchange, with collaborative project management software. An evaluation of competing software was undertaken. Viewpoint Team was selected for its ease-of-use, project management roadmap and its direct integration with Vista, Viewpoint’s accounting ERP.

Download the Case Study

How Sachse Construction Integrated Accounting and Operations

Read the case study to learn how Sachse Construction integrated accounting and operations, resulting in faster execution and greater control of projects.

Download the Case Study

Viewpoint Team Training

CDP offers both private classroom training for Viewpoint Team, either in our training facility or at your location. Private training focuses on your specific processes and needs, allowing multiple employees or even whole departments the opportunity to receive custom tutoring and understand how the software or features provide direct benefit to your immediate needs. Click here to request training for Vista.

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