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Gain visibility, processing speed, and accountability by using document imaging and workflow for your AP invoice approval process.

ViewpointOne Spectrum is a solution with document imaging based AP scanning, routing and approval. Spectrum brings your entire team - accounting, project management, and executives - all on one browser-based platform, that works off the same data from anywhere.

Join us on May 29th as we demonstrate how ViewpointOne Spectrum clients improve their efficiencies, and reduce paper and redundancy. During this demonstration we will cover the following topics:

  1. How to scan, enter AP and automatically route the invoice to the project manager.
  2. How to use the Project Manager review process utilizing Team and Spectrum.
  3. Using automated workflows to route approved or rejected invoices back to the accounting department.
  4. Increasing management visibility into AP invoices in process, what is out there, and who is holding what.
  5. Improved visibility with features to drill down into jobs, vendors, GL to see the original invoice copy.

Watch the Webinar

Click here to watch the recorded webinar now