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According to the AGC of America and Sage 2022 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook survey, “Worker shortages and quality are also among the top concerns. Almost three-quarters (73%) of firms list worker shortages as a top concern."

Contractors are doing what they can to combat these issues by adding HR technology. By reducing manual, paper and data entry tasks for their back office teams, they are able to act more strategically and address the larger workforce issue by focusing on direct recruitment of new workers and training. It's helping them to create their own pipeline of talent.

Join us and our partner Arcoro to learn how integrating your accounting software with your people data can help you hire, manage, and grow employees. In this session, Bryan May from Arcoro will show how to augment your current software investments in two important areas: HR and Accounting. He will also cover how to integrate systems built for construction for full automation to track and hire applicants and leveraging technology to:

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