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Please join us for this dynamic, fast-paced webinar and earn one professional development hour (PDH) after attending. During the webinar, Michael M. Hughes, PE will illustrate how the Critical Path Method (CPM) calculates project schedules from the list of activities and their relationships. The Critical Path is the sequence of project network activities that determines the longest overall project duration. CPM identifies those activities and calculates the project completion date.

The learning objectives for the webinar are:

  1. Describe the critical path method for scheduling
  2. Learn the methodology of calculating the forward and backward pass
  3. Learn to calculate a schedule and total float
  4. Understand how activities that do not have a predecessor or successor (open ends) are treated in the CPM calculation

CDP Senior Consultant, Michael M. Hughes, PE has over 35 years industry experience including consulting engineering, land development, construction, project management, and municipal services. Immediately prior to joining CDP, Michael served as the Assistant Engineer Manager, City of Durham Department of Public Works. In that capacity, he was a leader and visionary and led the effort to automate the Project Management delivery system. Learn more about and connect with Michael on Linkedin.

Watch the Webinar

Click here to watch the recorded webinar now