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Are you collecting data in a software that doesn’t integrate with Spectrum? Do you need to do a bulk data import into your Spectrum Software? Do you have a unique process you want to automate not currently supported in Spectrum?

Spectrum Data Exchange (SDX) is a secure, quick, and easy way to transfer data in and out of Spectrum. Utilizing Spectrum Web Services, SDX provides templates, tools, and a Microsoft Office Add-in to help facilitate the import data directly from Microsoft Excel.

SDX streamlines and automates time consuming and repetitive data-entry. SDX can be used to reduce time, effort, and errors in one time large data transfers, as well as common, repetitive data entry tasks. For Customers getting started on Spectrum, SDX can reduce be used to bring in data from legacy applications to populate Spectrum with data like Vendors, Subcontractors, Employees, Etc. For existing users of Spectrum, SDX can be used to send information to Spectrum, eliminating double entry, and preventing data entry errors.

Spectrum expert Trae Reinart will discuss the benefits of SDX and show how to configure SDX. Additionally Trae will walk through a few sample uploads, and show a few custom user interfaces that he has created for data entry including WIP and field data collection.

Watch the Recording

Click here to watch the recording of this webinar.