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Industrial Solution When Schedules, Resources and Costs Need to Remain In-Sync

Managing changing targets as well as available certified labor, planning outages, visibility into assumptions and detailed craft man hours is simplified with Hard Dollar Industrial estimating software. Eliminate the redundancy and errors of rekeying data from CAD designs to estimates to scheduling systems, reducing labor and turn-around times between process by more than 3 times, while increasing customer responsiveness, ultimately leading to additional projects and revenue.

Fast Changes with Labor Accuracy

An integrated Project Cost Management system provides industrial facilities the flexibility to easily respond to changing schedules. The historical labor production and man-hour database that the Hard Dollar system creates provides a highly accurate basis for determining production based costs and schedules to meet timelines.

Real-Time Scheduling Changes

Hard Dollar provides the industry’s most advanced bi-directional, real-time integration with scheduling systems from Primavera® and Microsoft® Project. This tight integration provides the ultimate flexibility to plan and meet mandated cash schedules. Detailed historical crew and labor production databases make planning work and resources to fit within scheduled plant down times a simple process.

Leverage Third-Party, Historic Productivity and Cost Data

The Hard Dollar Project Cost Management solution provides access to third-party piping and process reference libraries from Richardson, RSMeans or any other provider providing faster and more accurate estimates. The system also utilizes timesheet and field data collection for gathering and tracking productivity, installed equipment and materials to build a historical database of proprietary intellectual property.

Document Change Order

Managing change orders and providing a detailed historical basis and accurate tracking capabilities are integrated into the project controls capabilities of the system. Accurate and detailed tracking with cost basis references provides transparency into change orders eliminating dispute resolution and improving revenues and collections.

5D-BIM Server Power

Extensive Building Information Model (BIM) integration streamlines data management and handling from owner designs to ERP systems providing unprecedented labor savings, faster estimating turnarounds and easy to use flexible reporting.