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Oracle Primavera P6

PX Tables Clean Up Procedure

To avoid operational problems for Oracle Primavera P6, Px (extended schema) table entries are not automatically deleted when you delete data from P6 tables.

You can use the following clean up procedure to clear the obsolete entries in the Px tables. This does not pose any data issues as users will be looking at the data through the Px views which are joins from the PMDB and the Px tables, therefore if the data is not in the PMDB it will not show in the Px views and consequently the enterprise report.

  1. Connect as admuser to perform this activity
  2. Clean_Px_Delete Procedure: Use the CLEAN_PX_DELETE stored procedure to purge obsolete entries in the Px tables
  3. Truncating the PX Tables: If looking to truncate the data from the PX Tables, the following scripts can be used:
    • If using an Oracle RDBMS:
      • Browse to the following location on the Database media:
        • If r8.2, \P6_R82\p6suite\database\scripts\install\PM_08_02_00
      • Run the following script: orpm_trunc_px_tables.sql
  4. After completing the above steps, publication services must be run for data to be accessible for PX reporting.