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Please join us for this dynamic, fast-paced webinar to learn how Viewpoint Team can help you gain control over your projects. Viewpoint Team is a powerful toolset for planning, coordinating and exercising control over projects. Cloud-based, collaborative and designed for quick adoption and ease-of-use, Viewpoint Team connects accounting and operations personnel, processes and information across the back office, field operations and the extended project team of subcontractors, materials suppliers, architects and owners. The result is streamlined workflow, greater collaboration, mitigated risk and ultimately, gains in control and visibility over projects.

See how Spectrum can eliminate redundant and inefficient activities:

  1. Gain control of project documentation including Daily Logs, Submittals, RFI’s, Issues.
  2. Organize, share, secure and collaborate on project documents in the office, job site or at home.
  3. Reduce project errors by sharing data and making real time decisions in a cloud based collaborative environment.
  4. Eliminate double handling and duplication to gain one source project truth.
  5. Keep project members on track with automatic notifications and reminders

Watch the Webinar

Click here to watch the recorded webinar now