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CDP is not just the products we offer, but the solutions we provide. We solve problems and integrate our people throughout the whole enterprise, from the Finance Department to Operations to the field.  CDPs whole company experts develop solutions, sharing data, knowledge and expertise across departments, functions, systems and locations.  We become an important part of the fabric of your company - executing, automating and helping to drive productivity.

CDP's real-world experience and solutions-oriented approach provides the unique expertise needed to solve complex project and risk management concerns across a wide variety of industries.


Since 1981, CDP has been working with construction companies to help successfully plan, manage, control, and deliver projects of all sizes and complexities. The real world experience of our expert staff and our industry leading tools will enable strategic decision making using real-time project information.  Learn more about how CDP can help you manage risk, integrate accounting and project management, and standardize processes.


CDP understands the increased complexity that engineers face in today’s climate. Throughout an entire project lifecycle there is always the pressure to increase efficiency and reduce risk, all while delivering projects faster and within budget.  Learn more about how CDP can help you manage resources, facilitate collaboration, and use historical project information to improve budget accuracy.


We understand the challenges of managing large investments in complex projects, with multiple organizations, dispersed teams and critical timelines. With shifting priorities and the pressures of finding new sources of energy against the concerns of global warming and government regulations, successful management of projects is more important than ever.  Learn more about how CDP can help you align capital with strategic initiatives, manage risk, and minimize down-time. 


In the pharmaceutical industry, losing even a single day in getting a product to market can result in the loss of millions of dollars of potential profits. That’s why CDP's staff of real world experienced product managers and consultants are trained to support your industry and company specific needs.  Learn more about how CDP can help you mitigate risk, control project phases, and manage resources.

Public Sector

More and more, industries in the public sector are being challenged to execute increasing complex programs with a growing network of contractors, all while complying with government regulations and demonstrating accountability. This fast-paced, high-tech environment requires specialized expertise.  Learn more about how CDP can help you transition from legacy systems to new state-of-the-art tools, manage multi-year and multi-project programs, and align projects to funding sources.

Industrial Manufacturing

CDP’s real world experience allows us to work with manufacturing companies to successfully plan and manage all stages of a project from initiation, estimating, planning, to project execution and completion.  Learn more about how CDP can help you analyze funding and budget constraints, manage risk and resources, and facilitate collaboration across teams.

IT and Telecommunications

CDP understand the unique challenges of the IT and Telecommunications industry as well as the problems associated with establishment, operation and maintenance of sophisticated equipment.  Learn more about how CDP can help you manage resource capacity and utilization, provide real-time data for strategic decision making, and prioritize projects based on resources and funding.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense companies must develop and use systems and business practices that meet immediate demands while providing long-term flexibility, and realize the sometimes conflicting needs of government requirements that can impact profitability.  Learn more about how CDP can help you align projects to DOD funding sources, comply with strict government and regulatory requirements while remaining competitive, and mitigate risk.