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July 5, 2021 - 12:00pm

Superior Bowen, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the largest asphalt paving and construction companies in the Midwest. Its family of companies has grown to include more than 650 employees who work on a variety of projects, from federal contracts, earthwork, asphalt production, and site preparation, to design and planning.


When Jenna Henderson joined Superior Bowen as Vice President of Human Resources and EEO Officer, the company had never had an internal HR department before. She needed a solution that would streamline a variety of HR processes.

“HR departments are tasked with so many things. Growing the workforce, the Millennial and Gen Z shift, training, benefits and more. Arcoro helps shave off invaluable time from our processes.”

– VP of Human Resources and EEO Officer Jenna Henderson


When seeking out potential solutions Superior Bowen outlined their “must-haves”. They needed a solution that could handle all talent management procedures, could store employee-related documentation centrally, would facilitate compliance and would be easy to implement company-wide. To accomplish their goals, Superior Bowen selected several Arcoro® cloud-based software modules that would help their company hire and manage employees efficiently and effectively in order to grow the business

Hire (ATS & Onboarding) - One priority for Superior Bowen was to reduce paperwork. The Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Modules allow Superior Bowen’s employees to quickly complete new hire documents and stores that information in a central location. “It’s our one-stop shop for employee information. I can access everything about our employees directly from the system,” says Henderson.

Manage (Core HR, Benefits, Compliance) - Before Arcoro’s software was deployed, choosing benefits was a hassle for both employees and HR. Using the Arcoro Core HR and Benefits modules, employees can now log in, compare plans and make their benefits selections from anywhere. This allows Superior Bowen’s small but nimble HR team to conduct open enrollment with ease.

Audits posed a serious challenge for the company since they did not have a standard documentation protocol in place. By using Arcoro’s standard and custom reports, Superior Bowen has been able to easily access information requested by auditors.

Grow (Performance Management, Succession Planning) - After implementing the Arcoro Performance Management system, Superior Bowen was able to standardize performance reviews and received many positive comments from employees regarding the easy-to-use features and simplicity of the module. The HR team was also satisfied with the insight they gained and are now able to make better informed personnel decisions. “I love watching people expand their knowledge, expand in their role and develop their own next steps. It’s very important for the future of our company and it’s how we grow,” says Henderson.

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