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Submitted by cdp-inc on April 13, 2021 - 11:30am

Article written by Kati Viscaino on the Viewpoint blog.

Attract — and Retain — Younger Construction Professionals by Implementing the Modern Solutions They Know

The new generation of construction professionals expect one main thing when looking for a new job, technology. While the opportunity to advance, competitive pay and benefits and proper training are also high on their list of demands, without access to the latest technologies in their working environments, most younger professionals will bypass construction career opportunities.

As older employees retire, this new wave of construction workers will be taking their place and will eventually make up the industry as a whole. Due to the technological world that the Millennial and Gen Z generations grew up in, the need for technology at work is higher than ever. As a result, it is imperative that construction organizations adopt modern technology and processes, and continue to stay on top of technology advancements to meet modern demands, including overcoming the labor gap for skilled construction professionals .

We understand that paper and manual processes are comfortable to many organizations. It’s hard to make a change from what has always been known. However, if you don’t want to be left behind as other construction companies take these steps forward, your organization needs to be able to pivot and scale with the industry’s changing tides as well.

Modern Construction Hiring: 5 Questions to Ask

When thinking about how your construction organization can use modern technology to attract younger workers, consider these things:

The Benefits of Winning Over the Youth Movement

Attracting the younger generations of workers will be key for construction organizations moving forward. With there already being a lack of incoming talent, the competition amongst construction companies is high.

Make sure that you give your organization the best chance at capturing the attention of these new employees by using modern, connected construction solutions like ViewpointOne. Through optimizing your website and onboarding processes, streamlining daily operations, and maintaining modern technology, your organization will be set up to track and retain the younger generation of employees. In return, you may be surprised by their ability to leverage these technologies and take your business to the next level — opening new doors of opportunity and further streamlining processes to boost productivity and profit.