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January 20, 2021 - 4:37pm

There were a number of enhancements made to Viewpoint’s Spectrum Construction Management Software solution as part of its 2020 R3 release in December, including year-end regulatory enhancements, the ability to now purge unposted transactions, a refresh button and new ePayments features for Spectrum. Here’s a look at each:

Year-end regulatory enhancements: For accounts payable, we’ve updated the 1099 form to support the new NES format for the United States/ The W-2 (U.S.) and T4 (Canada) have been reconfigured to support all of the new 2020 rules including COVID-19 requirements. Changes have also been made for the 1095-C form (ACA). Nelco, the integrated electronic filing solution available within Spectrum has also seen enhancements with its tools to help correct files as they’re sent to Nelco for processing. There were also adjustments for non-standard calendar years for Canadian clients. Finally, there were a number of significant improvements made for the tax table import to make it easier to, among other things, import tables, see what was last imported and what version you’re using. Learn about all of these updates here:



Purge unposted transactions: This new set of tools is a way to quickly and easily delete a group of unposted transactions. Clients can now purge by batch code vendor or customer invoices, or equipment, inventory or job cost transactions. This is helpful for clients using Spectrum’s SDX solution for data import, allowing them to easily delete inaccurate data and import again with ease. This was a top request of clients that we’ve now addressed. See how it works:



Refresh button: As simple as it sounds, the new refresh button in Spectrum allows you to update the page you’re on without having to leave and come back. Another top suggestion box enhancement, we’ve now added this ability to the following areas:


Learn more about this new feature here:



Viewpoint ePayments enhancements for Spectrum: A number of new enhancements were made to our Viewpoint ePayments solution for Spectrum clients. Among then, we added the ability to download and import the Return File that shows how transactions were resolved through ePayments solution provider Nvoicepay. We also added a new utility to help clients quickly change or set vendors to use ePayments. See all ePayments enhancements and new features here: