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Submitted by cdp-inc on December 9, 2019 - 4:30pm

Using Viewpoint Field Management to Integrate and Share Real-Time Information

Everyone knows the jobsite is where the magic happens. It’s where all of those construction project concepts and drawings get realized in physical form and where different teams with different specialties come together to work collaboratively toward a common goal.

In today’s modern operating environment, contractors need new ways to realize efficiencies, mitigate risks and streamline work to compete. Relying on manual processes or outdated, stand-alone technology to collect and share project data leaves projects more vulnerable to costly mistakes and rework, conflicts or work stoppages that can delay projects, upset clients and shrink profits.

More and more contractors are turning to powerful, cloud-based construction management solutions like Viewpoint Vista, which provides a complete platform of integrated functionality. Delivered in the cloud, that functionality extends to real time data, collaboration and automated workflows from the back office to the field (and vice versa).

This allows project managers working remotely and the workers on the jobsite to get the very latest data they need to make informed decisions and keep projects moving. One of the ways Viewpoint is extending the power of Vista to the jobsite is through its Viewpoint Field Management solution.

Viewpoint Field Management extends Vista’s functionality to the jobsite via a mobile device, while providing a robust solution to collect data in the field and synch with the back office. Capabilities include labor time capture from the field, daily huddles and production reports, purchase orders and requisitions, equipment maintenance and material receipts.

These real-time field functionalities ensure entre project teams have up-to-the-minute project data at their fingertips. Furthermore, they streamline processes in the field to create seamless workflows that keep projects moving in real time.

Here is one example of a common workflow between the office, project team and field that Viewpoint Field Management simplifies and improves: